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Faster, Cleaner, & Safer Than Conventional Pressure Washing

Clean ‘n Seal is different from traditional pressure washing  because we use specialized equipment that requires advanced training.  By using  super heated water we are able to get a deeper and more effective cleaning.

Read the Clean ’n Seal Advantage to learn how you get the best results every step of the way.


Warning: Risks of High Pressure Washing
High Pressure Washing can cause permanent damage to your property.  To get clean results even the most reputable pressures washing companies use extreme pressures over 3000 psi. Extreme high-pressure water can gouge, damage, and scar wood, brick, pavers, even concrete. Once a high-pressure streak has been cut into your hardscape there is no way to get rid of it, short of complete replacement. Clean ‘n Seal’s unique process uses safe low pressure that guarantees a clean surface without damage to your property. Learn More